What are group lessons?

Group piano lessons have been around since the 1940s. They originally began with students using paper keyboards and one piano. Several students came at the same time and learned the same music and concepts. Today in Cindy's Piano Studio, things have changed in that classes of two to eight students each have their own keyboard or share with one other student if more than six are in a class. Students learn from each other and help each other in a team environment. Students still play the same music at the same time. There are opportunities to play ensembles (each student has their own part to play, like in a band). It's difficult to arrange ensembles in private lessons because of scheduling; however in group lessons, it can be done every week. Games are a lot more fun with more students playing than just the student and teacher. There are opportunities for performances built in to each class so that students are very comfortable playing in recitals. However, no solos required in classes!

Do I have to get the group together?

No. The teacher will arrange students by age and ability after the initial interview.

What is the interview about?

At the interview we will talk about the students goals and desires for piano/keyboard lessons and determine whether or not our personalities will be a good fit for each other. Not every student will be comfortable with me or my style of teaching and not every student is ready for piano lessons at the time they come to me.

Do I have to bring my own keyboard?

No. My studio is equipped with enough keyboards for each student. You will need a piano or 88-key keyboard (76 keys are ok too.) for home practice.

How long are the group sessions/classes?

45 minutes each week.

I'm not sure I like the idea of everyone knowing it was me that made a mistake.

Since everyone is learning the same music at the same time, everyone will make mistakes at some time. It is expected when learning that mistakes will be made; sometimes that is the best reinforcement of how not to do something. It will be difficult to tell who made the mistake when all of us are playing at the same time. Playing piano should be fun and exciting, not stressful. If you come with the attitude of expecting to learn something new today, you'll have fun and learn. Piano is a skill that is learned by practicing. If you have practiced diligently at home, the lessons will be enjoyable and easy.

How long do I stay in group lessons?

At this time, group lessons will only be offered for the first two years of piano study. After that, I will refer you to a private piano teacher. If the class decides they want to continue after the first two years, we can discuss options at that point.


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